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The most popular map app in Norway has now changed its name to Norgeskart outdoors. We give you the best maps of Norway, available offline (subscription needed) and always up to date. If you are in need of a map when traveling in Norway, you will not find better maps. We have maps and layers for most needs whether you are going fishing, hiking or skiing in the vast Norwegian nature.
Trip destinations from! Download recommend trip destinations and check in on arrival. Compete against others by visiting the most. Subscription is needed.
Cultural history content from Norvegiana! Find out about interesting archaeological findings, cultural heritages, architecture, histories and more in your proximity.
Our Norgeskart outdoors app has now been available for more than 9 years. Join more than 150.000 active users and discover why Norgeskart outdoors has become so popular.
Norgeskart outdoors contains additional paid content and functionality. We ask for your understanding that income is needed in order to further develop and maintain Norgeskart. By paying for a yearly subscription, you help us make Norgeskart reach its full potential.
Please visit to see what we can do for you when it comes to developing mobile and web based map solutions. Our speciality is cost effective solutions for field registrations.
Free content:
- Maps of Norway: Topographical and sea maps
- Cultural history content from Norvegiana.
- GPS recording and 3 minutes GPS tail.
- Driving directions.
- Digitize own routes
- Add your own POIs
- Import of GPX.
- Details and graphs for recordings.
- Export of POIs and tracks to GPX.
- Retrieve exact height of POIs.
Pro subscription:
- Download maps for offline use
- Trip suggestions from
- Download trip destiations from (available offline)
- Check in TellTur trips upon arrival at destination
- Upload POIs, tracks and routes to map portal
- Access to map portal
- Sync pois, tracks and routes across devices
- Pistes layer for Alpine and Cross-country
- Property borders layer
- Clay, conservation areas, radon and snow depths layers
- Orienting maps from
Dynamic point subscription:
- Connect to one or more dynamically updated KML files on the internet
- Tested against for tracking sheeps
Known issues:
* If you have a Moto G or DROID MAXX 2 phone, you must upgrade from Android 6.0 as this version of the OS has a bug which crashes Norgeskart during zoom. This is not our fault.
* Some Android 6.0 users are mot able to install the app. Will be investigated closer.
* If you change the DPI of the device using adb you might experience tiling problems in the map. You must then reset your changes by using "adb shell wm density reset" from PC.
* We uses several external map services. These can at times be slow or nor available.
* People that do not find Norgeskart in Play store should check that their content filter is not set to "Everyone". It must at least be set to "low maturity".

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